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Facebook is like playing an arcade game. Just when you feel that your have mastered it – mastered the art of increasing engagement, things change and you are back to level zero. But unknown to the outside user, there are some tried and tested methods that have continued to provide engagement on Facebook.

1. The Right Content

Yes, cliche as it may sound, the right kind of content is the best way to get users engaged on Facebook. Keyword – the right kind of. Often-times page owners post a whole lot of content that Facebook ignores. Reason – it knows users will probably not read it, so it skips showing this content in their news feed. So what is the content that Facebook does show? Videos, Facebook Live events and picture galleries (also known as carousels).

2. A Consistent Brand Image

Readers should be able to guess what your venture is about – right from your very first post on your brand’s Facebook page. You can call this your brand’s personality. We all show disinterest in a person who does not exude a strong personality, the same holds true for your brand’s page as well. The content you post on the page ‘must’ be consistent with your brand’s personality, leaving no scope for confusion.

3. Interact With Your Readers

Readers love it when you take their opinion. It makes them feel important. So do it. Ask questions, create polls and quizzes, and create discussions. Are your followers saying something useful and in line with your brand context? Share it on your page. An interactive page always gives you better visibility than a page that operates on one-way communication.

4. Get Personal

Let people know about what your brand and your team does. Share trivia from work and about your team members once in a while. Share milestones that your brand has achieved. It creates a personal connect with your followers and also acts as indirect PR.

5. Plan Every Action

Brand owners, especially startups, are hard-pressed for time. The teams are small and in most cases, someone from the founding team will double up as the Social Media Manager, manning every content that goes out Facebook. This content is often posted on a day-to-day basis, without much advance planning. However planning your content calendar in advance has its advantages. For one, you can ensure the points (1) through (4), given above, are implemented in a balanced fashion. You can also predict the content gaps – days when you have nothing substantial to share – in advance, and preempt them.

Here’s a short infographic that provides a content chart for each day of a working week. You can follow this for creating the content calendar for your brand’s Facebook page.

facebook content guidelines

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