Content Marketing | What Is It & Why You Absolutely Need It

Content Marketing – It is the latest buzzword and everybody is talking about it. Your digital marketer advises you that it is the best strategy to create buzz about your startup. Your sales head tells you it is the best way to acquire quality leads. Stuck in between, you are wondering “what is Content Marketing, and is it really such a wonder tool”. The answer is yes ! Digital Marketing is becoming more and more about ‘content’, and less and less about keywords and social media alone.

What Is Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on anything and everything related to content marketing , defines content marketing as:

“..a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

In layman’s terms, Content Marketing is

a). Understanding what content your audience wants, considers valuable, and hence is actively looking for, and

b). Giving them that content.

The major difference between traditional Digital Marketing and Content Marketing is that while the former takes the channels of marketing as a primary input, in Content Marketing the channel of disbursing content becomes secondary. The main focus is the content itself. Because Content Marketing is nothing but Storytelling. And storytelling does not depend on the medium, it only needs a good story.

Here is an excellent article by Neil Patel that explains the relevance of storytelling in content marketing.

How To Choose The Medium of Content Marketing

Once the story is in place, one can choose the channel(s) by which it can best be conveyed. This article has some channels that you can start with.

Remember, your brand is unique, so will be your story. That is one of the prime reasons Content Marketing cannot follow a rule-book. Every brand has to draft its own story, and consequently, its own rules. So for one brand, text content – in the form of blogs, emails and books – may work best, while for another, visuals content may be crucial for storytelling.

Here’s a great piece by the guys at Brafton talking about the importance of Visual Content Marketing.

So we know Content Marketing is here to stay and your business would do better to invest in a good content strategy as a priority task.

More Resources

If you need further proof that Content Marketing is relevant and can do wonders for your brand and business, go through this great piece by Heidi Cohen that presents facts & figures on the grow of Content Marketing, as well as 50 definitions of Content Marketing by industry leaders and marketing experts.

At the end, do remember to watch this short but great video about …. a great story.

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