Easy Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank For Free

Alexa rank is a rock-solid way to convince people about the value of your brand website. While many skeptics undermine the importance of an Alexa rank – the algorithm for calculation is not straightforward – yet it is a solid proof of the popularity of your website, and provides an understanding of that of your competitor’s.

Here are some methods that will help you improve your Alexa rank. Remember the golden rule of success – there is no shortcut to it. A better Alexa rank is no exception.

1. Produce original, engaging content that is valuable to your readers. Content rules.

2. Post regularly on your website.

3. Get high-quality inbound links by writing guest posts for websites which have higher domain authority than your website.

4. Interlink pages on your website to make them more engaging for the reader.

5. Optimize your content for the keywords relevant to your niche. While you optimize, keep in mind that you are writing for a human and not for the search engines.

6. Analyze your competitors and incorporate their best practices on your website.

7. Download Alexa Toolbar on your browser to closely monitor your progress. You can also install Alexa widget on your website to showcase your updated rank. Visitors to your site may click the widget which would help improve your rank.

8. Always go by the book when it comes to SEO (which is essentially rule no. 1)

9. “It pays to pay for paid traffic”. The more traffic on your site (whether organic or paid), the higher your rankings will soar on Alexa.

Recommendation: To get accurate rank on Alexa, it is recommended that you certify your website on Alexa. Learn how to do itCertifying your site would provide a more accurate Alexa rank, not necessarily a better one!

Note: Earlier you could ask for a review of your website on Alexa which helped your rankings. But this feature has been discontinued.

Movement in rank

Initially, your rank will move up very rapidly as you gain traffic till you reach closer to 100,000 rank. Alexa rank <100,000 is an indicator that you are receiving serious traffic to your website.

Alexa Ranking Graph 1


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Having said that, as you move closer to 100,000, improvement in your rank slows down. It happens because more visitors are required to move up your rank. See the images below.

Alexa Ranking Graph 2

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Alexa rankings, though not entirely flawless, remains an important industry metric that is looked up by various stakeholders. Though you may not formulate a strategy to grow your rank, it is not advisable to ignore it outright.

Grow your website with valuable, genuine content. Share it widely and with time you should see continual improvement in your Alexa rank.

Hope you found this article useful. Do let us know if you plan to work on your Alexa rank.

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