Here’s How Startup Founders Can Create A “Good” Content Marketing Strategy

As a Founder, one of the biggest challenges that you face (apart from building a kick-ass product of course) is to make you brand heard and seen. Great advertising, getting a good website with a good blog that showcases your awesome product/services, and marketing your brand via partners are some of the ways you will take. But, top ranks on search engines still elude you, and your website struggles to generate organic traffic. Very soon you find yourself burning up cash while struggling to get leads that convert into buyers. 

You’re not alone!

Brands need content. Good content. The problem is “good, valuable” content is no longer hard to find. Even after getting the best, most relevant content on your blog, you still struggle to get to that elusive rank #1. The reason is –

“Your content marketing strategy is not cohesive”

Each of your brand outposts, including your blog and website, need to present a unified picture. Because Content Marketing is nothing but Storytelling, and in storytelling the story and characters and events need to be consistent across mediums.

So what you need to do from Day 1 is to build a cohesive content marketing strategy. From Day 1 and not once your product is ready.

This article by provides an excellent way by which you can create your content marketing strategy using the Topic Cluster Model (a.k.a. Pillar/Cluster Model) content strategy.

Here’s a short video that explains why the Topic Cluster model will work in favor of your brand’s visibility online.

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