5 Kinds of Employees That Can Kill Your Startup

Any company is the net sum of the employees that work there. And this holds so true for startups. Startups can be likened to a lake full of water. A drop of muddy water, infested with a few germs, can very quickly turn the whole lake into slush. Why? Because startups typically comprise of small teams ranging from a few, to a few hundred employees. Everyone knows pretty much everyone else. And that means the lake can turn into slush that much faster.

Here are 5 kinds of employees that you need to consciously keep away from your startup.

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1. The ‘Yes-Boss’

Startups are ideally driven by high energies and new ideas. A person who always agrees with what the seniors or other team-mates have to say may not be the ideal fit in such a work culture. For one, this person will find it difficult to contribute constructively in any discussion, due to an innate resistance to confrontations. And is highly unlikely to be resourceful in executing processes that are often required to adapt (typical of a startup), since they resist change of any sort.

2. The Sloth

You can often find this species hanging out by the coffee vending machine or slouching in their chairs, staring blankly at a computer screen. Just like their namesake, the ‘sloths’ in a startup are slow to adapt to any change. Additionally, they are prone to depend on others to egg them on, making it difficult to hold them accountable for any task, and eating up that much more bandwidth of their superiors. They are also quick to disappear from public eye in case of any crisis.

3. The Gossip

Nothing poisons a workplace – startup or not – more than a gossip who loves spreading around stories about others. Gossips rarely pause to verify the truth of the stories they spread. Often feeding on half-baked information, such people leave behind mistrust and discontent in their wake – feelings that can totally kill the productivity of other around them, and that of your startup.

4. The Dinosaurs

These people are easy to spot. They are arrogant, often having a superior air about them – the bullies of the workplace. They often come off as being the know-it-all’s, tending to trample over others’ views, dominate any discussion and overwhelm co-workers who are less expressive. This is counter-productive to a startup environment that thrives on open discussions.

5. The Escapist

These people are always on the lookout for people that they can pin the next task on, and when things go wrong – people they can pin the blame on. In short, they are always searching for an escape route. In an environment that works on tight budgets and stringent timelines, such employees only add to the overheads. And in the process, also set a bad example for all other co-workers.

So who are the people you should hire for your startup. Watch out for our next post!

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