Why Big Companies Need To Focus On SEO – Infographic

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – has often been perceived as a must-do for small startups and SME’s to gain brand visibility and generate leads. Larger corporations often have the first of these sorted, and have detailed processes and teams in place for the second. As such, the value of SEO is not directly obvious.

If you belong to a large corporation, here are some facts about SEO that might make you re-think your stand on SEO.

  1. Google processes an estimated 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.6 trillion per year (Check out the live search stats here). Even if 0.001% of that is related to your business, it translates to 1.6 million chances to reach out to potential customers. That’s 4384 potential customers a day – not a small number.
  2. According to a BrightEdge report,  83% of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO and 17% from paid search.
  3. People coming to your site via SEO are more likely to convert to paying customers, since they have actively searched you out, and shown interest in your product. It’s a pull vs push model, and is a better option than pushing your product into people’s face asking them to buy it.
  4. SEO has an implicit trust factor since a higher ranking is a result of good quality, relevant and updated/latest content.
  5. SEO provides an insight on what customers are looking for, and help tailor the content to suit that need.

Here’s an infographic that provides the tangible and intangible benefits of SEO for a large corporation.

Why Big Companies Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Startupash


Download this infographic as a high resolution PDF – View & Download This Infographic As A PDF

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